Who is Staying Scared?

Spurned by a fandom of Chilly Billy Bill Cardille of Pittsburgh's Channel 11 Chiller Theater fame, Thomas Scopel, a published short horror writer, demented dollhouse builder and collector of oddities, created Professor Willie Shivers and the Staying Scared show to fulfill an inner quest of becoming a horror host himself.

Having always been fascinated with Halloween, as a high school sophomore in rural Ohio, the costuming began. A black sheet unavailable for the typical Grim Reaper gown, a white one was substituted. Not proficient at sewing (sports overrode Home Economics), needle pricked red fingers smudged (this was prior to the current blood droplet taboo), and the white cloth had an unintentional effect. A foam skull mask cut into two pieces attached with liquid latex offered natural movement and realism. An antique scythe rummaged from behind a cluster of yard implements along with a short length of heavily rusted iron waist chain and a ring of oversized decorative keys rounded out and contributed to the 1st place win. The prize was not important. What was, was that the costume spider had sunk fangs deep, leading to a subsequent evil clown, scarecrow, living Jack-O-Lantern and even a witch.

Armed with an AAS in Design Engineering Technology, vast computer skills, a lifetime of horror film knowledge and a tenure as Student Senate President verifying that fear of being at the front didn't faze, he set sights on following his hero Chill Bill.

First attempts had yet to include public domain films or costumes, and were simply loosely based scripts discussing genre media in front of a webcam. Eventually a costume was tried (the wicked clown character), but wearing a prosthetic eye covering while attempting to play host/photographer/programmer/director and producer proved to be too much.

Familiar with many horror host personnas and not wanting to duplicate was what envoked the Professor Willie Shivers character. Barnabas and Lily came shortly thereafter and with a mere few shows having already come to fruitation, The Monster Channel presented by Eerie Late Night came calling, offering another outlet besides the Staying Scared YouTube Channel.

And so, to answer the question, Staying Scared is an overly hairy but knowledgeable Professor that doesn't mind crawling insects, a wisecracking skeleton who finds tossing corny snippets hilarious and a toothy lady plant that is compassionate.

Monster Channel Debut | August 8, 2020

Professor Willie Shivers

Professor Willie Shivers

The host of the show and a connoisseur of all insects. Most of the time his experiments backfire.

"My motivation is that throughout all these films, someone learns something"



The wisecracker that never misses an opportunity. While obviously not related, he still tends to tease Lily like an older brother typically would.

"This old skeleton walks in a bar, orders a beer and a mop...."



The sweetheart who prefers soft & fleshy, but can crunch bone like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The quickest way to her heart is through a day old eyeball or a festering hunk of liver

"Just one night with Audrey II and I could wilt in peace."

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