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Wee Willie Wicked

Hi ya ghouls, Wee Willie Wicked here, the worst half at Staying Scared, and I'd like to welcome you. Here you will find various horror media, from wicked little written ditties to reviews of book & film & a few droppings in between. There are a number of flicks to watch on the TV/Film "Watch a Scary Flick" page or listen to a horror podcast on the Media page. Kick back with an audio book or just seek out the latest horror news. Yes, there are many graves here so before you start creeping and digging around, be sure to bookmark.

By the way, evil clowns love watching you when you sleep...heh heh heh heh

Stay Scared, Willie

Ahhh! Whatever! Don't let that clown fool ya, I'm the wicked one here. That's right, me, Fester Bones. Regardless, like Willie mentioned, both of us are digging, chopping, slicing and grinding to make Staying Scared the best horror site in the cemetery. It's the place where ghouls can feel at home, so turn down the lights, enjoy the fear and most of all, Stay Scared.


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Nighty Nightmare (Mary G. Fortier) wins the "Editor's Choice Award" for her "Midnight Train" poem in JW Kirk's Terror Train (available on Amazon)


She has graced us with a new column entitled Demons and Demonology

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Mary Genevieve Fortier aka Nighty Nightmare

Nighty Nightmare

This time the Staying Scared Blog answers the fan question...

Do you like horror remakes and if so, which are your favorite(s)?

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