"HiYa Creatures, ghouls and all you little monsters out there" (Professor Willie Shivers' standard Staying Scared show monologue opening)...

...spurned by a fandom of Chilly Billy Bill Cardille of Pittsburgh's Channel 11 Chiller Theater fame, Thomas Scopel created Professor Willie Shivers, the host of the Staying Scared show, an appreciative member of the The Monster Channel horror-hosting community.

There are many graves being dug in this cemetery and we're digging as fat as we can. Feel free to lurk around. Maybe bookmark to watch the cemetery grow.

A Staying Scared Podcast is being pursued but, as with Dr. Frankenstein, while the scalpel never slows, proper stitching requires more detail. That said, are you a person who enjoys chatting things that scare on camera? Do you have the technology and capability i.e. high speed internet, HD camera and microphone? Are you passionate and sincere? Can you devote consistant time? Are you available to toss ideas back and forth? AND...the Big Question... are you willing to contribute freely along these first steps of the proverbial Yellow Brick Road? If you answered yes to all the questions above, Staying Scared 'er I, Thomas Scopel aka Wee Willie Wicked, is shouting out. Contact


The ghastly fine print...

The only requirement...prior to any alternate discussion answer one unwavering question...


What scares you?


Hey Horror Indie Film Folk...are you seeking reviewers?

Wee Willie Wicked will.

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Sept. 10, 2022 - Redesigned Staying Scared website goes live. Updating, or what we like to refer to as digging graves, is continous in this cenetery.

Sept. 10, 2022 - The latest upload

Who was Bill Cardille?

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