"Hi Ya Tasty Morsals...hee hee hee...Lorelai Alecto here and welcome to the Staying Scared Dark Arts page. Here be crafts of the darker side.


Oddly entertaining, crafty, humorously eerie and commonly macabre...from the fractured mind of Thomas Scopel comes Staying Scared, a B-Movie Horror | SciFi hosting show featuring the overly excitable insect connoisseur Professor Willie Shivers...an elderly man of science afflicted with more than a mere fleecy issue. Neither best nor worst of public domain are impervious to his hair...er' a...flair of spoof, snippet, satire & skit fusion.

Special guest hosts...may appear from time to time or maybe the fractured mind himelf may appear. also, inflicting they're own brand of fear.(NOTE: Every premiere will be found on The Monster Channel before general release).

Spurned by a fandom of "Chilly Billy" Bill Cardille of Pittsburgh's Channel 11 Chiller Theater fame and concocted in the fractured mind of Thomas Scopel; Staying Scared is a bi-monthly variety showcase of public domain creepy crawlie B films.

Professor Willie Shivers is your enthusiastic guide, offering fragments of film insight, and lacing the film with snippets of asociated trivia and even a mock commemmercial.

Besides lurking about the ghoulish craft community seeking Dark Art projects, Staying Scared also reviews films for the Vlog...and is considering a phone-in podcast that stringently requires, prior to any subsequent discussion, answering one single question ...

What Scares You ?

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Maybe it's Morticia the Hearse wailing from the garage or Lorelli Alecto, a centuries old Witch who survived the Salem Witch Trials cackling from her broomstick or Scrow, a terrifying scarecrow who takes his job quite serious or Punkinhead, a wandering Jack-O-Lantern roaming the shadows or Wee Willie Wicked, a callous clown responsible for many dark side scrawling’s and scribes or the usual host of the Staying Scared show, Professor Willie Shivers, chasing an escaping insect or arachnid, or even Thomas Scopel.

Between the show, reviews, discussions, screenings, crafts & decor, here at Staying Scared, things do go bump in the night as carving, slicing, hacking, chopping and digging remains constant...

but we cackle and laugh doing it.

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