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Hello Fellow Creatures, Ghouls & All You Little Monsters Out There, Welcome To the Staying Scared Links

In this cemetery you will find the creepy, the odd and the wicked.

the Prof

There are plenty of graves here to dig up, but keep in mind, the mortician never stops embalming. Feel free to creep back and lurk about from time to time to see who or what else has been buried.

Some Popular Horror Hosts

Some Popular Horror Host Shows

Fear What You Wear

The Monster Channel


The Monster Channel 13 is a streaming channel presented by the Eerie Late Night Horror Channel. It is 24/7 midnight movie television and the first independent interactive TV channel since 2010! Join us for bad horror movies, retro TV commercials, monster wrestling, creepy PSAs and shorts, news and previews of horror movies, TV and video, documentaries, interviews, and more!

The Monster Channel is a more family friendly streaming horror channel and we try to make sure there is little to no gore or blood. Older public domain horror and horror comedy movies are staples, but newer content is included as well.

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Eerie Late Night


The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel strives to give you the best in entertainment and interactivity possible though our channel, website, blog, and forums. First and foremost, we love the genre and want to do our best to represent the genre in a professional and honorable fashion. To achieve this goal, we hand pick our contributors and hosts, offering them a wide range of freedom for personal spin. It's what makes The Monster Channel so unique. But don't be misled, we also require contributers and hosts to follow high standards. And, while we are compelled to say that the content and opinions are strictly those of the contributers and hosts, we would also like to add that usually we are surprised and impressed and generally in agreement.

To watch on Eerie Late Night
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Some Popular Horror TV Shows

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Some Classic Horror Hosts

Scooby Dooby Do

Watch Staying Scared | House On Haunted Hill

Did You Know? An estimated 1 million spiders live in one acre of land. The number might be closer to 3 million in the tropics. It is estimated that a human is never more than 10 feet away from a spider—ever.

Some Popular Horror Blogs & Websites

Recipe of Fear


Begin with a big heaping bowl of calling on the neighborhood movie rental store. It’s no different that visiting a grocery store. Keep in mind that in order to select the absolute best ingredients one must put some preliminary thought into it. Will it be sweet or sour, rich and creamy or bland and boring will bear completely within your selection. Search carefully. Take your time. Dig deep. Some of the best flavors are buried below the top row.

Mix in a liberal amount of darkness. Throw in a heaping quantity of solitude. (It will inadvertently increase the tang.) Don’t be shy with the surround sound and toss in more than a little pinch. Consider increasing the volume as needed. Popcorn always enhances, but don’t expect to finish it and if the recipe is exceptional, expect cleanup to be more than originally expected. Find a cozy spot, snuggle in and allow the ingredients to simmer and set. Cooking times will vary and usually the impending aroma will aid in knowing when the feast is completed. Note: From experience, a good rule of thumb for mealtime is when you find that the edge of your seat seems to have become your constant location or chronically covering yourself with a blanket or just after turning toward the darkness to face that faint little noise that you thought you heard. Eat hearty…

Fearful Words

/ˈhôrər | noun
Terror | Fear | Fright
An intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust.
/ˈbo͝oɡēˌman,ˈbōɡēˌman | noun
creature | bogey | chimera | bugbear | apparition | visitant | phantasm | spook
An imaginary evil spirit or being, used to frighten children.
A person or thing that is widely regarded as an object of fear.

Listen to Some Creepy Old Radio Shows

The Staying Scared Set

Our First Show | Last Man On Earth

The Creepy, the Strange and the Wicked

About Staying Scared

Spurned by a fandom of both cheesy horror & Chilly Billy from Pittsburgh's Chiller Theater, Professor Willie Shivers (aka Thomas Scopel) and his cohorts Lillian, a plant that thinks she's beautiful and prefers to be called Lily, along with Barnabas, a wisecracking skeleton who finds his corny jokes hilarious, are your guides of B-Movie horror.