, the resident witch of Staying Scared would say

"Hi ye tasty little morsels..Hee hee hee...a...a..a.and welcome to the Staying Scared Dark Arts pages...Here be a craft'n of a darker side...Tee...hee..hee.hee..."

It takes many graves to make a cemetery thus all the digging everywhere. Maybe bookmark Kiddies and watch DARK ARTS grow.


Currently, but a few are complete.

FEAR NOT my little dearies....Hee Hee,,,No No...

Below are a few free papercraft projects to sink your teeth into. They are courtesy of Ray Keim and Haunted Dimenions. watching...TEE...Hee...Hee...He...H....

Just make a choice, download a pdf and print on paperboard. Cut out and build. Instructions included.

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This is a build started long ago and the itch...you know the one I mean...the light tickle, like a spider scampering...Hee hee hee...is back and plan to Vlog much. Stay Tuned Kiddies..

Between the show, reviews, discussions, screenings, crafts & decor, here at Staying Scared, things do go bump in the night as carving, slicing, hacking, chopping and digging remains constant...

but we cackle and laugh doing it.

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