Twitch, an innocent deformed atrocity, has been used, abused and unwanted his whole life. But, he harbors a dark secret and his retribution is certainly far worse...

For people can be so vicious…and so can Twitch.

McB is a compassionate carnival owner who understands and cares for his “special” people. When he stumbles upon an attraction known as Twitch—an innocent, stubbed limbed, white eye deformity that has been used, abused and unwanted his whole life—at a competitor, he feels an instant attraction and a compelling urge to acquire. He purchases him and includes him in his “oddities” attraction where, unknown to McB, Twitch absorbs abuse from various gawkers. However, Twitch may seem helpless, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This dark and tightly written tale offers horror and suspense that will leave you aghast, frightened, angry, and sad. It is a tale of deserving retribution and a warning for those who view and treat the unknown with ridicule and pain. 

* Original ideas are hard to come by nowadays and Twitch was truly one of a kind—Gabino Iglesias, Horrorphilia

* This story is scary, haunting and reads very fast… - Ben Franz, Monster Librarian

* This is a great story for anyone that loves dark carnival tales - Lisa McCourt Hollar

* Twitch is well worth a read especially if you enjoy some gruesomely awesome carnival deaths! - Doubleshot Reviews

* Scopel is a very talented writer, keeping the reader focused and engaged throughout the entire story - A Book Vacation

* I very highly recommend this book - M. Vasquez

* Pretty creepy stuff. The last third, surprisingly, is the best -- with the backstory of how Twitch came to be. That whole section kind of gave me the chills - Chuck Sambuchino

* A Scrumptious Bite of Horror! - Nishi Serrano

* An Uneven Story That Hints At Genius - Master Vyle

* CK Webb, a proprietor of WebbWeaver and a co-writer of the rave reviewed book Cruelty To Innocents has reviewed Twitch. She has given it a 5 spider review (her highest rating). I am rather proud and would like to personally thank CK for taking the time. Read her review here.


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