I'll always credit & be forever grateful to Suspense Magazine for publishing my very first piece of fiction. Coincidentally, there were many more subsequent pieces and here they are. Click on the title to read the tale or click on the image to get the issue.

December 2010
A tale of two hitmen doing a dirty deed when karma strikes.
April 2011
Three Easter tales surrounding three adolescent friends.
May 2011
A guide to the perfect zombie family picnic
August 2012
Why silver is so important when killing a werewolf.
March 2013
A sit down interview with Frankenstein
April 2013
A sit down interview with Dracula
May 2013
An interview with a werewolf
June 2013
An interview with the Phantom of the Opera
July 2013
An interview with a Salem witch
August 2013
A dark tale of eventuality
Sept. / Oct. 2013
A tale of a demented Halloween prank gone horribly wrong

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