The Human Race

In basically a rip off of Stephen King’s The Long Walk premise, The Human Race is literally that, a foot race where stepping on the grass, not following the arrows and getting lapped twice will cost the ultimate price.

Beginning with the back stories of five people (one of which had quickly established viewer compassion, but for some reason was immediately killed off), the tale hones in and surrounds the remaining four in their lackluster quest to survive.

While not too terribly bad and certainly not the worst horror movie ever, The Human Race is neither innovative nor original (the exploding heads we’ve all have seen before in Scanners), and the ending, while enticing and having potential for impact, was far too abrupt, nearly predictable and oddly sporting.

Regardless, let’s give credit where credit is due. For an indie flick, my complements go out to writer / director Paul Hough; the attempt was commendable and we’ll probably see better from him in the future. However, the jerky and fast camera shots compiled with bland and often confusing dialogue from characters the audience never fully gets to grasp makes the overall experience a letdown. On a more positive note, don’t be surprised in a desire to watch the opening credits, the design is quite compelling.

While the interesting enough premise was there, the movie lacks feeling and leaves the viewer wanting more and therefore, Staying Scared is giving it 1.5 creepy peeking clowns.


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