Welcome to The Cornfield. I'm Scrow and I'll be guiding you around to various horror film locations...just don't get lost because once you enter The Cornfield...heh heh...you're all MINE!

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Without a doubt, the most iconic zombie film ever made was Night of the Living Dead (1968). The Evans City Cemetery (Franklin Road, Evans City, PA 16033) is where this George Romero horror classic begins. Yours truly has been there and with all the cornfields' located around it felt right at home. Note: If you plan to visit, watch the film...at least the beginning before arriving and note specifics such as the tree Barbara crashed into which coincidentally still harbours overgrown gouge marks deep within it's bark, and maybe make note of tombstone names in order to find the exact filming spot.

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A picture of Wee Willie Wicked, a sinful malicious clown
A picture of Fester Bones, a skeleton who writes The Cemetery column at Staying Scared