The Monster Channel called and during our ghoulish chat...

  • August 1, 2020

...the background was filled with a bevy of horrific sounds which was simply wonderful.

Welly, well, well...fellow Creatures, Ghouls & all you little Monsters out there, imagine my surprise upon hearing that The Monster Channel presented by Eerie Late Night wanted to add to their platform. Why, I nearly dropped the test tube holding my latest experiment, which would have probably exploded in my face just like during our Last Man On Earth broadcast.

Nonetheless, all of a sudden Professor Willie Shivers would rub elbows with the distinct likes of The Bone Jangler, Halloween Jack & Jacqueline, Slash, Karlos Borloff, Countess Carita & Drac, Dr. Dreck, Bobby Gammonster, Lamia, Mr. Maniacal, Mr. Multo, Octavian Hallow, Penny Dreadful, Tarr & Fether, Vincent Grimmly, Misty Brew and a host (heh heh, that's a pun) of others. This meant that Staying Scared was worthy of a tombstone in a cemetery filled with shows such as Beware Theater, The Serial Bowl Show, Graveyard Cinema, The Housewife of Horror, Midnight Massacre Theatre, The Midnight Movie, Mutagen Nation, Nightmare Theatre & The Weirdness Really Bad Movie.

Saturday August 8th at 10 pm is our alloted premiere and we will be exploring Carnival of Souls, a 1962 black & white film that has since been established as a top psychological horror film. Barnabas & Lily, as always, will linger nearby, mostly to simplky watch, but sometimes toss in their two cents. Lily is the more respectful one, while Barnabas tends to toss corny jokes. Of course, both are like children and tend to nit pick one another and I've already told them they would each become a horrific experiment if they weren't on their best behavior for at least the premiere, but I suspect it barely frightened them. Why, I even threatened to toss one of my spiders or bugs on them, but that didn't faze either. Oh well, one can hope.

As far as the Staying Scared show is concerned, being a Professor, I tend to teach in the mere hopes that a viewer might learn something. It's a tendency embedded in every hair protrusion from my nostrils to my ears and beyond, which I'm sure will disgust if I elaborate, so I won't. Of course, whether they do aquire so small sort of knowledge is another story.

While the films we have in store for the future may not be what one would consider blockbusters, please don't let that disuade, for if I can keep Lily & Barnabas at bay, as mentioned earlier they are like brother & sister and tend to have sibling rivalry, Staying Scared will be able to add a special touch to make the viewing considerably more enjoyable.

By the way, although they tend to typically be off doing some sort of mischief of their own, Scrow the scarecrow, Lorelei Alecto the witch, Punkin Head the walking Jack-O-Lantern & Wee Willie Wicked (my demented clown brother) have surprised me and are coming for a watch party. It's good to have friends. Coincidentally, Weird Darkness is throwing one too and Lily, Barnabas and myself will be chatting live with the host Darren Marlar, as well as whoever else tunes in.

I might also mention that the former four have each agreed to host a future Staying Scared show in the event I am off seeking bugs or indisposed, but that remains to be seen and we'll just have to take a wait and see approach.

And so with that being said my fellow Creatures, Ghouls & Monsters, I'm going back to my experiment of ridding the world of every pesky bat and attempting to collect up all those newly minted bat quarters in order to eliminate bad memories and we'll see you real soon.

Stay Scared, The Prof.

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Spurned by a fandom of both cheesy horror & Chilly Billy from Pittsburgh's Chiller Theater, Professor Willie Shivers (aka Thomas Scopel) and his cohorts Lillian, a plant that thinks she's beautiful and prefers to be called Lily, along with Barnabas, a wisecracking skeleton who finds his corny jokes hilarious, are your guides of B-Movie horror.