Stephen King - Joyland

First off, King could probably describe watching paint dry enjoyable, even if he does get long winded sometimes.

Nonetheless, Joyland is a tale certain to suck in not only fans of the writer, but both horror, mystery and spirit world lovers too.

The story surrounds a main character, Devin Jones, a college student who accepts a summer position at an amusement park called Joyland. This park, while small in comparison to the more well known amusement parks, has been around for decades and between the rides, games and such, still offers much fun.

Primarily a first person coming of age story told through the eyes of Devin, an interesting cast of “carny” characters is only one aspect that will keep the reader turning pages. The other is that, unlike King’s typical indigenous horror tales, this one is a mystery that surrounds a girl who was murdered in the park’s spooky ride known as the Horror House many years ago.

At 281 pages, Joyland seemed more like a novella than a novel and was a quick read. Add in the thought provocation and clue following factor, and the read is even faster.


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