Good Evening, my dear playfellows.
Come to visit once again, I see…
So pleased to have you. Stay awhile. “Stay Scared” that is… Oh, the glee!
Are you superstitious? Dare you say, “NO!” My, my, but everyone is a bit superstitious! Even I, Nighty Nightmare, will not step upon a grave. “Why?” you ask? It is said, the deceased who lay at rest beneath your feet will curse you the rest of your days if you decide to so tread. It simply gives me the “Jeebies”… (devilish grin)
Oh the things we do to avoid tempting fate.
Let us discuss a few interesting superstitions, shall we?

Before our modern stage performers used the word to invoke forces supernatural; “Abracadabra” was used as a charm (cabbalistic). This word, was said to possess magical properties to alleviate a toothache (from which death may very well arise, of course).
Those who believed this beneficial, would create an amulet, usually constructed of paper with the word “Abracadabra” written several times upon it’s form. As the word was printed, two letters (the first and last) were removed with each recitation, until all but the letter “A” remained. Individuals believed that whatever evil caused the ailment would dissipate with the shrinking of the word.
In order to seal the deal, so to speak— after a lengthy nine days, the owner of this amulet was to discard of it— backwards— into a body of water which flowed eastward— Doing so, before the sun’s ascension.
Whoa! Right?!
Who’da thunk?
What if the water flowed west? I guess, that meant you were screwed!
Now, that I’ve mentioned theater people…
“Actors!” (…ugh…)
They have a superstition dating back to the hellish days of Shakespeare! They, (the Gods forbid) cannot, under any circumstance, utter the name (I say in whisper) “Macbeth” while under the theater’s roof! Why? Well, let me enlighten you of the horror that may very well transpire and the origins behind its centuries old taboo;
Since its first productions, any who dare say the name “Macbeth” in any theater, during any play, have fallen victim to catastrophic disasters.
I’m talkin’ “death” here my playfellows!
Fatal fires, falls, accidents with lighting and props; this is no game to those serious thespians. To avoid deadly occurrences, they refer to the aforementioned as “The Scottish Play.”
Imagine, being a newbie and letting that one slip! Glad Nighty Nightmare prefers the pen to the stage. Although, pens can have a point of interest (oooh… that was bad…).
In Korea, for example, writing a child’s name in red ink is a kiss of death!
Oh, I’m sure there are plenty more but since I dislike any ink other than “black” I refuse to delve any further, lest Nighty Nightmare will be absent from this column. Wee Willie Wicked would surely miss this demonic scribe. He would, I tell you— my minions never lie— lest some superstitious forces be unleashed upon them without mercy. And… well, you get the gist…
Creepy superstitions, such as a dog’s howling foretells an impending death, as does black birds who may surround a home, cawing as if from another realm— or an ordinary bird tapping playfully upon your window pane. Death… all premonitions thereof…
Ne’er forget to hold your breath while passing a cemetery— otherwise a disturbed and wandering spirit way decide to take up residence within your vessel.
Oh, and pallbearers; let us not neglect to mention the reasoning behind those white gloves they wear. Should they not; such direct contact is the perfect opening for the disembodied to enter therein!
Superstitious! Of course you are!
Delve into the various books of forgotten lore and earn an ounce more fear. Countless resources exist— just ask your Grandma— use the Ouija if necessary, she’ll tell ya! It’s all real!
You won’t see Nighty beneath a ladder!
Hell, a paint can could fall on my head! (demonic laughter emanates)
C’mon, step along that all too familiar line between fantasy and what indeed exists.
I do everyday… loving every second of Staying Scared…