Reads for a Dark & Stormy Night

Good Evening, my dear playfellows!
Nighty has been busy as a bat here of late, and I don’t mean baking cookies!  All Hallows Eve quickly approaches and Nighty has been devising a costume for myself and my ghoulish familiar Tinker the Terror, or to some, Countess Tinkula— but further details of that will be saved for Nighty’s next column— so be sure to return!
Ah, Nighty has been perusing the many volumes of haunted tales.  Oh, yes!  The classics, from Shelley, Lovecraft, Poe, Stoker and King - To the more recent greats: Scott Nicholson, Bentley Little, Joe Hill and Richard Laymon…  These are but a few authors of must reads on a dark and rainy night.  As thus perusing my playfellows, I have discovered a few fantastic reads you simply must delve your teeth into… eh hem, well, you know what I mean.
One such book is by a writer and Podcast host, Nelson Pyles. He has written a little ditty he calls “Demon dolls and Milkshakes,” and shake you shall.  This book consists of both horror and humor— What?  Nighty can’t laugh?  Maniacally, of course, but laugh nonetheless!  Now, if it is anthologies you seek, there are a few new voices out there just dying to be heard: 
Within the pages of “Radical Dislocations”— one of those new voices Nighty found quite intriguing is Rick Powell, his poem entitled, “Garment” (Chupa Cabra House Publications). Rick Powell, has been peeking between many a volume of horror delights. Seek out this new and inspiring master of macabre- you won’t be disappointed, my playfellows. Of this, Nighty is sure.  Three more, great Horror Anthologies which deserve mentioning, include (but believe me there are plenty to choose from, my playfellows):  “Satan’s Holiday”, “Welcome to Your Nightmare” (both compiled by Yvonne Mason, published by Dressing Your Book) and “Bones” (James Ward Kirk Publishing). Many a haunting tale to be found, I assure you…waiting to chill your blood with each turn of the page.
Now to the novels of the freshest of meaty brains, creating chills that cause you to sleep with the lights on:
These next books are published by Nick Grabowsky of “Halloween” fame; founder and publisher of Black Bed Sheet Books.
One book in particular, had Nighty in utmost amazement.  Such a “young mind” though you’d never guess as you turned each exquisite, horrifyingly written page. She truly knows how to craft the element of the creep factor Nighty loves so well.  “Bones and Other Spine Tingling Stories” by Emma Wynn.  I can only imagine what this devilish child has in store for us next! Imagine the  creations years from now…  Whoa!  Look out Mr. King! The first story (within this, less than 100 page book) entitled, “Behind the Hedges” is all you’ll need read— thirsting for more! One of Nighty’s favorite, by this princess of the underworld; a poem deliciously deemed, “Dreams.”  You must seek this young author out and shiver along each well-crafted line.
Moving along this horror express of the written word…
Want yet another book of twisted and unnerving tales to keep you up at night?  Look no further;  “Rusty Nails, Broken Glass” by S.C. Hayden.  These are quite the tales of an imaginative mind.  Just when you believe you’ve figured how a piece will end, you are thrown asunder!   S.C Hayden, is yet another author who mixes elements of surprise, fear and a taste of bloody humor.  A great example and a favorite among these blood chilling tales is, “Old Town Ghost Tours.”  Ever taken a ghostly tour?  Nighty, hopes you never experience one so hellish!  Ooh… what a shivering delight!
Now, tempted by a taste of terror? Well, Nighty has something to quench that thirst for fear; “Dead Batteries” by Rey Otis, leaves you trembling with her unique style and a macabre take on realism.  The imagery well defined and high on the creep factor my dear playfellows— this one will have you second guessing about organ donor transplants.  A subject supernatural indeed!  Oh my dear Playfellows, this author has a twist you won’t see coming; a fresh from the grave storyline indeed.  I hope Nighty will be so fortunate, as to read more from this ghoulishly, gifted author.
Ah, deadly last on the “to read on a stormy night” list, is an author who has taken a centuries old urban legend into the 21st century!  Ever heard of Spring-Heeled Jack?  Well, that is one name you’ll not soon forget once you’ve read, “The Return of Spring-Heeled Jack” by Jennifer Caress.  What can I say my Playfellows, without giving away the bloody details of this gleeful gorefest.  You thought Jack the Ripper was the bloodiest serial killer— Oh my, my… Ripper has nothing on the horror that is Spring-Heeled Jack!  Jennifer’s story, grabs you by the throat right from the start and sends you on a ride of terror with no release!  Oooh my Playfellows, this one will truly keep you from ever entering the dark in any capacity! 
Hades, forgive Nighty!  Lest I forget the works of Thomas Scopel!  His books “Twitch” and “The Daily Death” as well as his works in “Suspense Magazine,” are To Die for Delights that simply cannot be missed! 
All Hallows Eve approaches, my Playfellows!
(Maniacal laughter ensues)
Grab one of these books, curl beside the fire, lock your doors and ooh yes…
Stay Scared!