Nighty Nightmare here, to discuss, rant, review, provide insight, enlighten or plain give you the creeps on the subject of none other than horror.

What do you think of when the word “Horror” comes to mind? Does the simple thought of the word create images of monstrous creatures, dead things lurking about – or possibly… CLOWNS? Ahh… perhaps, it is the things that cannot be seen; that which goes “bump” in the night. The whisp of a spirit’s myst or a cold touch beneath the covers…somewhere in the haunting silence, a breath not your own. Maybe, the sound of a scream, high pitched and in unbearable pain – a moan emanating from a place you once felt safe… The hissing, scratching or possibly laughter, chilling and maniacal.
Inspiring fear, shock, mortification, terror turning one’s blood cold.
Merriam Webster defines the noun of Middle English -- *horrour*
Anglo Saxon French -- *orur*
Which derived from Latin -- *horrere* meaning action of bristling or to shiver.
Modern day = painful, intense fear
The adjective: calculated to inspire feelings of dread
How accurate in the simplistic form.
Delve a bit deeper and horror becomes a taste that glides passed the tongue.
Umm… bloody, yes?
An icy touch, a brush of cold air, tickling skeletal fingers removing the blankets from your restless, naked form.
Better yet;
Forceful, brutal, clutching, squeezing the air from your being as you awaken from a nightmared state.
The stench of rotting flesh; Be it a corpse left much too long, unidentified and unclaimed in the bowels of a funeral home – Yes, those unfortunates found homeless and dead are not taken to hospitals but to the nearest mortuary. Some left in body bags, not only rot but become liquefied! Imagine, the “slushing” sound from within the bag and the foul scent of decay. Any mortician assistants out there? Haunted are you? Oh, the tales the dead could tell…
Is “Horror” wicked, strange, unearthly, demonic?
To those of us who are drawn to the genre, it is beauty. The gore, the terror, the symbiotic flow of mind numbing and blood chilling fear is an art form.
It is not the outcome but the painstaking (no pun intended) journey to reach the ultimate climax that brings you to your very knees, begging, pleading – not for an end – oh no! For MORE!
So, welcome my playfellows of darkness.

Ooh… Did I mention the dark?
Such is the “Horror” that lives beneath its lightless shroud. Blindly reaching, to wrap you in madness. The laughter building within the walls. Do you feel it as you reach for the light switch? (The electric giddy pulsates through this pen.) That beauty… Yes, beauty…

Where was I? Ah, yes…

Welcome my playfellows, to our lovely abode. No need to ring a bell, just step beneath the cobwebs and into the darkened room. Faint of heart? Oh, better yet!!
Just beware the corners.
Who knows what may lurk there, within the shadows (of the mind, that is.)
What “Horror” will you find?
Welcome to our version of midnight madness.
Where we believe in “Staying Scared”.