Haunted Houses

Good Evening, my dear playfellows! As I write this, there is but thirty-four days before All Hallows Eve. Oh, the goosebumps have already begun to rise upon my flesh.
All Hallows Eve, what a lovely time of year! So much to cover this month! Where, oh where shall Nighty Nightmare begin?
With much thought (approximately two seconds, that is) I have decided on the topic of “Haunted Houses.” Chilling!! Don’t you agree?
Creaking doors, flickering lights, disembodied voices, laughter, moaning, screaming… Ooh, the delights! Footfalls upon the floorboards, where no human body stands, objects move by unseen hands.
“Hee, hee”, the poet within Nighty Nightmare could not resist. (grinning, slyly)
Haunted Houses.
We have read the stories; countless fiction writers who have penned some of the best, that cause us to retreat beneath the bed covers.
Arousing such fear, we are forced to leave the light beside the bed to glow; for who knows what lay in wait when the dark envelopes the quiet night.
Quiet? Silence? Will there be silence?
The silence interrupted as in the classic film “The Haunting” based on Shirley Jackson’s superb “The Haunting of Hill House”, where laughter and moaning emanated from the walls. That terrifying echo which caused our hearts to race in undeniable “horror”! Yes! Then, the door, heaving as if it were alive and breathing.
This, fiction though it may be, is the ultimate in the Haunted Abode.
It is the original classic black and white version of which I speak. The true chilled to the bone type of horror film. No blood, gore or special effects needed. Pure elemental, psychological terror. Your imagination was fed upon as every twist and turn brought you to climactic horror. For those of you unfortunates who have yet to see this masterpiece, I and the majority of Nighty’s friends would suggest you do! Post haste!
Seriously, lest Wee Willie Wicked pay you a visit. It won’t be for the treats on All Hallows Eve, I assure you. (laughing maniacally)
Of course, there are many famous Haunted Houses to be mentioned. The Overlook Hotel, from the novel “The Shining”; one of Stephen King’s many amazing works, for example. Did you ever think that a pair of sweet twin girls could creep you to your core? That a young boy having a conversation with his finger could give you nightmares?
Praise the full moon for Mr. King!
Some may not be aware that he claims to live within the confines of a most haunted home. Perhaps the twins reside with him there? That is one doorstep I would not be caught alive upon, requesting traditional “trick” nor “treat” thank you very much!
Nighty may enjoy the darkest of dark, but those twins I’d rather not encounter. Do you blame me, my playfellows?
Now we come to the non-fiction of the Houses most Haunted.
Claims there are a plenty. Be they true? I dare say, I myself am a believer. I am Nighty Nightmare after all-- I know of such things. The dead surround and come out to play. In the words of Gage in “Pet Semetery” with demonic innocence-- Nighty’s companions request in like…
“I want to play with YOUUU…..”