Ghost Busting

Good Evening, my dear playfellows!
‘Tis always evening here at Staying Scared— The darkest of night where Nighty Nightmare plays amongst shadows most haunting! Yes! (Giddy am I, with utmost pleasure)
Are you haunted? Yes, you! Most of those living, find themselves “haunted” in one form or another; Be it by an unseen force that plagues a troubled mind or perhaps a soul long lost, attempting by any means to make contact.
“Haunted”… Oh of that, I am quite sure. Think on this…
Ever walked into a room and felt as though you were being “watched”? The shower seems to be a popular place to exude such feelings of ill ease; the water a thundering, deafening rush as hades knows, what goes on behind the curtain of which you are surrounded! Possibly, peering from above you as you dip your head back, eyes closed, rinsing your hair! No “Psycho” here— unless it be of the ethereal kind.
Maybe your basement holds a spirit, most unrest. Laundering your clothes, in that big, cold, concrete room where shadows form within shadows and lights tend to flicker for no other reason than your presence. For most human kind, things that may randomly occur are of little concern— even among those whose life is a steady stream of paranormal happenings may carry that horrid gene (known as “the unbeliever”) and dismiss all events with some scientific mumbo jumbo excuse.
Those innocent by virtue of ignorance, may someday find themselves face to face with evil most profane— or if lucky, continue on blindly unaffected by the utmost “Supernatural.”
In contrast, we have more than a few, who reach out to those “paranormal professionals” to rid their properties, their homes, their lives of what they deem “ghosts.
Oh my playfellows, I know you have bared witness to these so called professionals in action; upon the screen you call television in widescreen and HD! By no means, am I challenging the sheer know how of these investigators. Nighty would never be caught so alive! I am merely informing you, my “dedicated to the dead” that these programs “live in the making” exist.
Shall I name a few…?
I know you’re already yelling titles into the lighted screen where you view Nighty Nightmare! Here, a few most popular… (I hear you)
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Adventures
Paranormal State
The Dead Files
And yes, even
Deep South Paranormal.
These phenomenal research investigators do their ghostbusting with the most modern techniques and up to date devices.
I, Nighty Nightmare, was truly in awe struck amazement while being entertained by one of these such series of the ghostly kind; an instrument of sorts was used to track movement of any invisible being from the realm beyond. I swear, my dear playfellows, Nighty was floored that such a gadget could be used in such a way! Dare I say, this device resides in homes all over the world and yet those in possession know not its full potential! The high tech device of which I speak is the Xbox Kinect™.
You heard correct! You gamers of the underworld may very well have in your stealthy hands a way to contact the other side!
We must not forget “Frank’s Box.” Created in 2002, by none other than “Frank” Sumption, for the purpose of communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides— did he get an eye opener, huh? Demons and other malevolent spirits were coming through! Nighty mostly hears “static garble” when the box is replayed for the sole intention of the viewer. Well, after all it is a box that scans AM/FM frequencies, creating white noise (that’s the static of which I was referring).
You can ask a question and if so fortunate, actually get an intelligent response. On occasion, I have witnessed such interactions between the ghostbusters and the other realmers as they utilized Frank’s Box.
I must say, it was chilling!
So, you see my dear playfellows, not only are these shows entertaining but educational as well!
If you have yet to take part in the viewing of one of these modern day “ghostbusters,” by all means, do! It is worth an hour of your darkness.
Oh, and don’t forget to try out your Kinect™— who knows who or what may be sitting beside you at this moment whilst you read this very page-
Happy Haunting!
(Echoing laughter...)