Good Evening, my dear playfellows!
Nighty and her friends here at Staying Scared, have been dying for a return visit from all my dearly and oh, so nearly departed fans of frightful faire.  Scared?  Oh, Nighty begs Beelzebub you are!  (Cackling devilishly)
Fear…  A lovely word… 
Ah yes…  The very word that plays upon every sense with sinister pleasure.
Feel it— that rush that drains the blood from your rosy cheeks, leaving you pale—  
Yes, pale with fright!  That which causes the flesh to dimple, turn your blood cold, immobilize your body as if frozen where you stand and to those few faint of heart— fear can cause death!
Oh yes, my playfellows so frail, are at most risk for leaving behind this earthly realm with a scream upon their lips!
A scream!  Yes, you may very well hear fear, my delightfully, disturbed deviants!
That pounding in your ears, the very beat of your living heart, reacting to horror!  The scream, refusing to leave your throat and yet you hear its piercing cry as your mind snaps!
Ah, the snapping, cracking, breaking of the sane mind into hysterics.
(Laughter emerges from the electronic coffin)
The fear you can taste!  Such is the copper taste of blood as you bite your lip to stifle a scream.  The bitter, burning, sour, retching regurgitation induced by the compelling source of utter panic— yes, fear!
The eyes— pupils dilate in undulating trepidation at the sight, the sound, the touch, the taste of fear— Horrific, ghastly, unearthly fear!
What is it you fear, my dear playfellows?
Is it ghostly apparitions that plague your dreams?  Such beauty in a “Nightmare”!
(Nighty squeals, hands clapping, her name mentioned in reference to fear)
Perhaps, it is what exists in the light of day that generates fear in the mortal heart, of those phobic;— A body of water, the flame of a candle, crawling, creepy insects or any altering of a daily ritual— Is it that which causes you fright? 
Each fear is given a name.  How wonderful is this!  Fear is so prevalent, each has its very own name, distinct and unique! 
Darkness… many fear what lurks within the darkness— to some, darkness itself; the absence of light, what houses a dweller within the unknown black abyss is the source of numbing fear.  This fear is known as, Achlorephobia. Are you one who fears heights /Acrophobia? Needles /Trypanophobia? Clowns /Coulorophobia? Being touched/ Aphenphosmphobia?  Is it germs (many names, one of which:  Germophobia); or a fear of leaving the confines of your own home (Agoraphobia).  There is in fact a fear of “fear” (Phobophobia). 
My dear playfellows, although the list goes on— how small and trivial these fears (simply pronouncing their names stirs a fear in Nighty) may seem to you are enough to cause paralyzing fear in others.  Delicious, scream inducing fear!  Despite the many types and various degrees of fears that exist within the human psyche, (Ooh, Nighty knows psychology!— impressive, huh?) we continue to crave that sensation.  We want to feel fear.  Reading books, watching films, surrounding ourselves with anything to induce that rush of adrenalin; producing the outcome of fear.  We thrive on being scared— to a point.  Hades knows, my playfellows dare not push the limit to the point of stopping one’s own heart!  The addiction of fear need not go that far, or does it?  (Wicked laughter)
Fear is what brought you here to Nighty’s realm after all, is it not?
We do love keeping you scared, with or without the beating of your heart. That, Nighty will leave up to you. (Gruesomely grinning)  So, my dear playfellows, stay with Nighty in the playground of the damned. Turn a page of your favorite horror novel, watch a film about demons and possession, tell ghost stories on a stormy night or simply sit quietly in the darkness and call out to those who have passed on.
Perhaps someone or something will answer.   
Dabble in a bit of old fashioned fear—
And Stay Scared…oh, so scared…
(The pounding of a heart beats rapidly…Nighty screams in delight!)