Demons & Demonology

Good Evening, my dear playfellows!
Over here, within the darkness… That’s right, come in! Pay the screams no nevermind. ‘Tis only Nighty’s minions having a bit of fun. (Screams echo the realm as Nighty, laughing maniacally, steps out of the mist and into view)
Pull up a tombstone. Prepare to stay awhile- Yes… Stay Scared- of course. What else is there to be, here in Nighty’s realm? Settled in? Ah, then, let us play!
Demons… Know any? (Nighty shrieks in delight!) Yes, Demons. The most feared of all those who lack a soul. Let Nighty tell you, these puppies from Hell know how to play! Not nice, mind you- but play most evil they do. Unless you dabble in the black arts, I suggest you find another playmate- if you value your mortal soul that is… They do, I assure you.
Demon- ever wondered the origin of the name? Most believe, including many dictionaries, that a demon is simply an evil spirit. My dear playfellows that could not be further from the truth.
Derived from Latin, “daemon” meaning spirit. Greek = deity, divine power; lesser god (including souls of the dead). An Old English word, helcnicht, literally means “hell knight.” The fact is, a demon is not a spirit- seriously, my playfellows. A spirit is the soul of one who once walked this earth- as a mortal- you know… Casper is a spirit- a ghost! Well, Casper is a cartoon character, but you catch my unearthly drift!  A demon, is the inhuman essence of pure evil against all that is good. It feeds on fear- and if it can, it will fool you. Oh, yes! Deception is one of its favorite games. A demon can take on the form of anything or anyone- to lure you, tease you, gain your trust. Once it has that, it may manipulate you-and if it has its way, take you over- Yep! You got it! Dearly departed, Grandma Deb may in fact be a demonic entity, waiting patiently, to take over the body you call, “You.” Oh, what hell takes place between point A and point B.
If one said demon is successful, death is inevitable to your mortal soul. Sorry my dear playfellows, to Hades you will go- while who you thought was Grandma Deb, wreaks havoc among the living- especially to your vessel and those whom you call “loved ones.”
How in Hades can you avoid such a travesty? Well, don’t mess with the Devil- especially things that you don’t understand- including the Devil! Oh, Nighty knows… (Cackling) If it’s too late for that, you need a Demonologist.
What in Nighty’s Nightmare is that? Well my dear playfellows, if you are of the demonic persuasion, I’d say start packing for parts unknown, lest you be sent back to the fiery depths from whence you came; you need no further knowledge as to the whys of said question.
But to those who are curious and oh so vulnerable to those kittens of evil, I suggest you pay attention. You never know when you might find yourself in need of a little exorcise, and I’m not talkin’ jumping jacks here! A Demonologist, according to the oh so wise and knowledge-bearing Merriam Webster, informs us that a “Demonologist” is simply one who studies demons. Wha…?! Oh forgive Nighty, as I pick myself up off the floor and wipe the grin of hysterics from my ancient but ever youthful visage.
Now, let’s get serious. A Demonologist has ways and means of either one- sending a demon (not without a battle, mind you) screaming back into the netherworld, or two- finding a way to contain it and lock it away- Yes, kinda’ like Aladdin and his lamp, only Semyaza is no genie, my deviants of the dark. There are those who are quite famous due to the remarkable success, dealing with the duly defined said demons. This team of which I speak- in a whisper (let’s not disturb those most evil who lurk the dark recess of Nighty’s Realm) is Ed and Lorraine Warren.
You may have heard of them due to the fame of “The Conjuring,” a horror film based on a true story. True, my playfellows! Well, the doll, “Annabelle,” doesn’t look like some evil, twisted, demonic child that movie magic fabricated. Who would want to play with the likes of that? Certainly not an innocent! I assure you, neither would a demon. Remember, they wish to lure you! So, Annabelle or the demon “there in” chose a Raggedy Ann doll. Yeppers, you heard my echo correctly! That demonic doll, now locked behind glass, is in fact “Raggedy Ann.” Now there’s a doll, *cough*… demon you’d trust! That doll would cuddle you to death, my playfellows! What a way to go; wrapped in the arms of a yarn haired, smiling demon! Getting back to (whispering) Ed and Lorraine Warren-
A lovely couple; charming, personable. You’d never think they wield holy water and a crucifix like a knight wields his sword. Ed Warren, certainly did that- with a vengeance. Lorraine, though sweet as she may be- plays no games when it comes to her profession. She is a clairvoyant- a damn good one. The demonic don’t care for her much. In fact on a few occasions, they’ve nearly driven her to madness, and well you know, taken her out- bumped her off- exterminate her like a bug. “Kill her,” for Hades’ sake! Sadly, the team has been divided. Ed passed into the light (Nighty shades her eyes just in case) many years back. Lorraine with rosary in hand, continues to do battle with those masters of menace. Let Nighty tell you my dear, delightful believers of Beelzebub, she is a busy bee!
Now, keep in your creepy little cranium, the fact, that Lorraine is not the only Demonologist out there.
I’m sure they have a secret society; perhaps an underground university of sorts, just kickin’ those demon fighters out like G.I. Joes ready to do battle.
So, just sayin’ if you ever find yourself feeling- shall we say “not yourself,” a doctor of medicine simply will not do- and yelling “Ghostbusters!” won’t be of any assistance- not when a demon is at hand. You need the big D’s to do the deed. I’m sure you can look them up in the Yellow Pages under “Exorcisms-R-Us” or something of the like. If you play nice, you may never need of their service… Who wants to play?
(Nighty screams hellishly)
‘Til next time my dear playfellows… check your corners, beware the dark and dispose of those Raggedy Ann Dolls- if you think that’s possible.
(Screams emanate the realm as Nighty vanishes into the mist, her voice trailing)
Remember my ever faithful, evil dwellers- Stay Scared...

That’s right.

Real Scared…