Communication with the Dead

Good Evening my dear playfellows!
Wickedly wonderful to welcome you back within the realm of Nighty’s playground; where ghostly apparitions tip toe among shadows to greet you…
Have you met one of late?  One of my ethereal friends, that is?
Here within Nighty’s realm, you need not call them out, for they love to frequent the playground.  Though, among the living, those who wish a visit from these spirits of the beyond, sometimes require the assistance of such things as a spirit board, or ouija, if you prefer.  These boards are designed for the purpose of contacting those on the other side and actually having a conversation! Well not verbally, but through the use of a planchette; a small, triangular object with a glass circle cut out to read letters of the alphabet drawn on a wooden board. 
These boards are quite popular among teenage girls as a way of entertainment, during what is referred to as “sleepovers.”  Yes, these pubescents gather together in pj’s and sleeping bags for an all-night scarefest— (well, those who enjoy the frightmares, of course.)
Although, I dare warn my dear playfellows, the expectation of who or what comes through may unpleasantly surprise you!  Believe Nighty when I say, some very nasty beings enjoy the play. Many an unsuspecting and naïve practitioner of this board, may find themselves conversing with something quite evil— (Oh, so pleasing is this!)
Oh yes, my delightfully devious ones, these wicked wayfarers of the beyond are tricksters most proficient indeed. You may believe Great Aunt Sue has come to tell you to buy stock in some new brand of styling gel, when in fact, you may be led to suffer a greater loss than a mere pittance!  Play with these boards my dear playfellows and the play may be on you!
Some of these delving demons of delight, may wish to continue the game long after you decide to give it a rest.  (Ah yes, a giddy pun, most demonically intended)
If these boards are not of your liking, then perhaps a good old fashioned séance is your predilection.  Sitting around a table holding hands— a chain of which is not to be broken— for Hades sake!  Lest the spirits may occupy the body of one of these innocent séancers!  (Or maybe, the link to the otherside will be broken, thus the séance will be over. Huh!)
It must be dark (ooh yes!) and one person such as a medium, (yes medium, not small— a person who channels a link to the otherside), calls out to the spirit world and relays information from the dead to the living and vice versa.  Be prepared for knocking, rattling chains, cold wind that ultimately blows out all candles lit and a scream from the medium herself.  Okay— perhaps nothing will happen at all, which again will end the séance.
The séance, is an old practice which originated sometime around the mid -1800s. The “Fox Sisters,” began hearing noises and devised an alphabet system to find out who or what, was creating the havoc in their home.  Well my ghoulish lovers of all things creepy— it worked!  This of course, made them and the custom of the séance quite famous.  Although, the ritual of this paranormal parlor game has gone through a number of alterations in its practices, it remains a popular means of communication with the dead.
Now my dear playfellows, Nighty will tell you of one such practice she finds most appealing; Automatic Writing!  In order to contact the spirit world, one must open themselves— that means, “C’mon spirit world, take my hand, utilize my body and with pen write what you wish!” 
Now this is fun, my fanatics of things frightfully unpleasant!
By whatever means you wish, have some fun.  Tap on the door that leads to the afterworld, but beware my dear playfellows of who or what may answer.  They may decide to stay awhile and keep you oh so very Scared!
Gotta go!  Someone’s knocking!
(Screaming in hellish delight!)