Good Evening, my dear playfellows!  Returned to pay me a visit?  Always happy to find you here, amidst the fog and gloom.  Welcome, Stay Scared awhile.  Now, let us play!
There is a chill in the air, and upon moments such as these Nighty loves to walk among the tombstones, grave markers, mausoleums and crypts.  So peacefully eerie is this.  The history that lay beneath the ground is more than rotting flesh!  What once walked this plane as you and I, have left a reminder to all who dare to pass by; they were “someone” and they still reside.  Well, at least what is left of the physical part of these entities. A few souls choose to hang about possibly refusing to let go of this, our earthly plane.  I suppose others simply return to visit, perhaps with a friend or two.  Wishing to pay you a scare?  How lovely, the exquisite pieces of art; some sculpted, chiseled or carved within stone, granite or in cases of the ancient, limestone. Yes, many have been weathered to mere nothing; the names and dates long worn away.

Cemeteries: the final resting place of those soulless… or are they at rest and soulless?  Hmm…?  Many of these grounds are known to be haunted.  Oh, we know what that means, don’t we, my playfellows?

Claims of disembodied voices, whisps of ectoplasmic spirit stuff, cold spots and orbs appearing in photos, in some cases the altering of statues.  Let me elaborate, my playfellows.  Enlighten your supernatural senses.
A few of these haunted cemeteries exist in a land known for its mobster ties.  Yes, Chicago!  Capone, buried in one of these such places; is it he they see stalking the area when no moon is present?  Mount Carmel Cemetery is home to an interestingly chilling tale.
Although this particular cemetery houses the remains of bishops and gangsters, it is also the final resting place of an ordinary woman.  Well, at least she was at the time of her death.
Julia Petta, “The Italian Bride” as she is popularly known today, was laid to rest at Mount Carmel in 1921.  She died during childbirth at the age of 29 and was buried in her wedding gown, her infant wrapped in her arms.
Her grave is marked by a large statue made in her likeness.
Now my dear playfellows, here is where the creep factor intercedes!
For six years, Julia’s mother had dreams, haunting dreams that Julia was not among the dead!  Imagine, a recurring dream for 6 years!
So, what was a mother to do, but dig her up!
After the exhumation, when the casket was opened, to everyone’s astonishment Julia had not decomposed.  Nope!  Not one iota!  Her infant had decayed, Julia had not!  It was reported that her skin was rosy and soft to the touch.  So what did they do about this miracle? They photographed the corpse and reburied her!  The photo is attached to her tombstone.  Her ghost has been seen wandering the cemetery at night.  I’d haunt it too, if I were buried before my time!
http://www.cemeteryguide.com/italian bride.html

Among the most creepy of cemeteries is Bachelor’s Grove.  A very small plot of land tucked deep into a forest preserve.  It is said gangsters would dump their victims here to hide evidence.  Today it is desecrated.  Broken stones, graffiti, and remnants of satanic rituals litter the grounds.  At night orbs of light, phantom cars and transparent figures have been seen.  Phantom Cars, Playfellows!

Let us not forget the well renowned Resurrection Mary.  Mary was a young girl who was tragically killed in a car accident on her way back from a dance.  She was buried at Resurrection Cemetery, not far from where she died.  There have been sightings of a young woman walking the lonely stretch of road and many have stopped to give her a ride.  She accepts and vanishes as they pass the cemetery!  Whoa!  Right?  Think about that; riding along with this pretty young girl beside you and suddenly you’re left alone with nothing but the cold imprint of what she once was! 
That ain’t nothin’ my devotees of the dearly departed.  In 1977 she was seen behind the main gates, grasping the bars as though trapped inside.  A Samaritan called the authorities to get her out.  What they found my playfellows will raise the hair on your neck and give you shivers every time you hear the name “Mary”!  The bars were discovered bent apart with the imprint of her hands embedded in the iron.
Dare not believe me?  You can see for yourself at http://www.graveyards.com/IL/Cook/resurrection/mary.html
Today, they have replaced the bars but Mary continues to be seen.

Graveyards are abundant.  You need not be among the dead to step inside.  You don’t have to know a departed soul to visit one.  Grab a friend, or if you’re brave, take a walk alone.  Listen to the unearthly silence, the peace that can only be found where the empty vessels lie.  Step within the walls of the mausoleum and beware the echo of footfalls behind you— Nighty can assure you no one will be there— no one of this world at least—

Remember that superstition, my playfellows and take heed!  Hold that sneeze while passing your friendly neighborhood land of the dead!  Oh, how I love to keep you…
  Staying Scared!