Beyond All Hallows Eve; What customs have we forgotten?

Good Evening, my dear playfellows!
Welcome back, to those of you who regularly visit Nighty here among the darkened shadows and cobwebbed corners.  To those who are new to Nighty’s wicked playground, come in. Fear not what may lurk behind you— better yet, yes, do!  (a sly grin)
It may be beyond the date of October 31st, but All Hallows Eve lives on in the never beating hearts of those lovers of Nightmares and Screams!
Those, who love the darkness, celebrate its eerie comfort nightly.  Costumes?  Perhaps, we need not dress as tradition heralds— yet we celebrate the dead, the undead and the utmost in spine chilling revelry.  Traditions are many my dear playfellows.  Let us step deeper into Nighty’s chamber.  Countess Tinkula (a.k.a. Tinker the Terror) and I will guide you as I scry upon the screen to which opens the doorway of Nighty’s Electronic Coffin.
Ah, what shall be revealed to create the gooseflesh to rise upon Nighty’s Visitors this evening?
Many are aware that it is said, “Halloween” originated in Ireland.  Samhain; a Gaelic festival in celebration of the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter.
Nothing scary about that… right?  Hmm…
Nighty, discovered some ancient customary belief that during this time, the souls of the dead would revisit their homes; food and drink were to be left for them.  What do you think might happen if Aunt Siobhàn was not left her favorite stirabout and a bit of ale?  I dare not think the consequence!
In Germany citizens hid away all sharp objects; knives and the like, for fear the dead would use them to inflict harm upon those living!
What bloodfest would you awaken to should a metal nail file be left upon the bathroom sink?
Poor “My Little Pony”™ upon daybreak!
Ooh… in one region where Buddha once walked, we now refer to as Hong Kong; Nighty finds most intriguing.  They refer to Halloween as “Yue Lan,” or The Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, which for 24 hours, spirits are said to roam.  In order to deflect any vengeful souls, the people here burn photos of food or money. Fires are lit and gifts offered, hoping to appease these potentially, vindictive entities.
For Hades’ sake— feed them already!
Why are these spirits so hungry?  I would think the small pittance of candy will not do!  Can we be so sure it is food they so hunger?  Nighty, is surely pleased to have friends among the dead and need not worry about their appetite for… eh-hem “food.”  At least, not that which you would find appetizing. (Wicked laughter…)
The world is filled with customs meant for All Hallows Eve.
Next time, Nighty will discuss the customs of the dead— or the “undead” if we must be politically correct.
Come back. Oh, yes pay a visit—
Bring a friend and prepare to
Stay Scared…. Oh, so very scared!!!!