Hiya Ghouls, Wee Willie Wicked here and although we both write reviews for The Movie & Music Network I'm doing everything I can to keep that good side of writer Thomas Scopel out of this conversation.

When it comes to “B” films, one either loves or hates them and for those who have nothing good to say about them, choosing instead to wait for the next rehashed Hollywood blockbuster that manages to worm it's way into your wallet and extract an overpriced, exorbitant amount only to offer a letdown in return, lend an ear. While it is true that many “B” films are sometimes quite laughable, on the other hand there are many that surprise and are actually quite entertaining. So, for those who choose to avoid simply because it doesn't include a big name or isn't part of the current trend, don't be so hasty with the decision, take a chance...you may be pleasantly surprised.

Now for those who are open minded enough to have the uncanny ability to at times overlook bad acting, less than stellar choreography, broken story-lines and a host of other typical “B” film flaws, and simply see the film for what it is...entertainment, “B” movies are right up your alley and believe me, there are some real gems here. Coincidentally, did you know that Night of the Living Dead, the Romero classic that gave us what zombies are known as today, was an independent “B” film? See what I mean? Regardless, these types of fans are formally referred to as aficionados and yours truly, Wee Willie Wicked, can't deny being one of them. So, when the opportunity to review films for the fastest growing network in America came about, this malicious clown had no choice but to stab, poke, slash and slice his way through the scary sections, making bloody notes of which ones he wanted to explore, and his list is extensive. However, make no mistake, just because Willie prefers fear, The Movie & Music Network, with a current selection of over 5000 films and 53 channels, offers far more than just horror and this diverse variety promises something for everyone.

By the way, this appeared to cause some small amount of conflict with the “good” side of this writer, but after a substantial argument, a settlement had been proposed. Thomas will write the non horror reviews and this creepy clown will concentrate solely on horror with both being posted here at Staying Scared.

After all, we here at Staying Scared are not all blood, guts and gore.

Yeah right! Don't let the clown hear you saying that...

Shut up Thomas before we both end up having to type with three fingers!

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