Hellooooooo and welcome to Ms. Ghastly's Movie Booooo Boo's Page. I'll be back soon to talk about movie flubs. In the meantime, here's something to think about the next time you watch the original Michael Myers classic Halloween. If the location is supposed to be Illinois, then why do all the vehicles have California license plates? Booooooooooo!

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In 1959's Plan 9 From Outer Space there is a flash scene where the UFO knocks everybody down. When a policeman falls, he accidently kicks a tombstone...and the tombstone wobbles...Booooooooooo!


Watch Drew Barrymore get stabbed in Scream (1996)...the rubber knife bends...Boooooooooo!


In Saw III, Eric Matthews hits his foot making it bleed and he hits it again. Look closely at the blood...it's the same prior shot...Boooooooooo!


In Jeepers Creepers (2001), there is a scene where the demon is at the jail with a cop...and on the demon suit is a zipper on the left side...Booooooooooo!


If your going to read a newspaper in The X-files 1998 movie, maybe it should be a whole newspaper and not just a front sheet surrounding blanks pages...Booooooooooo!


In 1984's Nightmare on Elm Street, Nancy is running up the stairs and her foot goes through into goop. Take a gander at the steps above, they have pre-cut holes in them...Booooooooooo!


Bishop in 1986's Aliens was supposed to be cut in half. Then why is he clearly standing in a hole while saving Newt sliding across the grate? Booooooooooo!


Let's say your driving at night and you look at the speedometer as Marion was in the classic 1960 Psycho. Wouldn't the shifter indicator be in drive instead of park? Booooooooooo!


I don't care what anybody says, tattoos don't smudge...unless you're in From Dush Til Dawn (1996) and your talking with Juliette Lewis at the end of the film. Booooooooooo!


Now we all know that wires are used in movies and should never be seen. Maybe someone should have mentioned this on the sets of Army of Darkness when Ash is sucked into the portal or in Tremors when using a lawn mower as a diversion. Booooooooooo!




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