10 Christmas Horror Movies to Keep You Staying Scared

10. Dead End (2003)
Over the river & through the woods to grandmother's house takes on a whole new meaning for this dysfunctional family who ends up getting killed one by one on Christmas Eve. Low budget but eerie & creepy.
9. Christmas Evil (1980)
Similar to Michael with Halloween except this time the kid (Harry) is tramatized by mother and Santa's intimate festiveness. Ho ho ho, the naughty & nice list drips blood in this 80's cheese.
8. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)
Watching his family be slaughtered by a Santa suit wearing killer, Billy grows up and takes up a holiday axe.
7. Tales From the Crypt (1972)
In this anthology incorporating film adaptations from the EC comic stories, Joan Collins stars in "And All Through the House," where, after murdering her husband on Christmas Eve, she is terrorized by an escaped maniac dressed as Santa and bent on homicide.
6. Black Christmas (1974)
It's Christmas time and a sadistic killer is terrorizing a sorority house from a phone inside the house. One of the the very first slasher flicks that held up well over time.
5. Don't Open Until Christmas (1984)
This time the red sack is in a different sleigh and it's a slasher who targets holiday Santas.
4. Santa's Slay (2005)
Bent on revenge, St. Nick seeks to destroy an angel. However, many folks will get in his way in this low budget comedy/horror, and it's not all that cheerful.
3. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)
When what appeared to be the real Santa is dug up in an archeological excavation, it turns out to be Krampus, a folklore creature who punishes misbehaving children. This is a naughty list tale...and they are quite tasty.
2. Jack Frost (1997)
On his way to his execution, serial killer Jack Frost is killed and comes back as a demented snowman where he contines where he left off.
1. Sint (Saint) (2010)
It's a December 5th full moon, the first in 32 years, and St. Nicholas , a murderous bishop, returns...for the children!



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