Mustard packs were used in "Arachnophobia" simulating squashed under foot spiders

All the books on the rotating bookshelf in "The Mist" are Stephen King books

The 1960 version of "13 Ghosts" shot the outside of a house that would later become the same house where "The Munsters" lived

Burt Bacharach co-wrote "The Blob" (1958) title song

The melting wax in the "House of Wax" (2005) is peanut butter

While carrying Julie Adams into a cave in "The Creature From the Black Lagoon," the stunt man playing the creature banged her head against the side of the cave accidentally knocking her out

Karen Black demanded more pay to reprise the role in "The Devil's Rejects" and was replaced by Leslie Easterbrook

The "Child's Play" working title was "Bloody Buddy"

Choosing "Footloose" instead, Kevin Bacon was offered the lead in "Christine"

The word "Cujo" is indian for "unstoppable force"

The Academy Award category for Best Make-up began in 1981. "An American Werewolf in London" won it

"Here Comes the Boogeyman" was the original title for "Jeepers Creepers"

The burnt camp at the end of "The Thing" was an American camp that was already destroyed. Coincidentally, the same camp was used as the burnt Norwegian camp too

Bela Lugosi was the first offered to play "Frankenstein" but turned it down

That creepy "Halloween" theme was actually composed by director John Carpenter himself

Zombie master George Romero began his career making segments for "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood"

The original Amityville house is not where the film was shot. Amityville wouldn't allow the house to be used in the film and a house in New Jersey was used instead, after making it look like the original

Drew Barrymore tried out for the Carol Anne role in "Poltergeist" but obviously didn't get it. However, Steven Spielberg like her audition so well that she was offered the lead in "E.T."


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