Director James Wan chose a percentage as opposed to an upfront wage for directing "Saw" which made him one of the highest earning youngest directors in history.

In 28 Days Later, The London scenes were shot in one hour increments after the police closed the roads, usually around 4 a.m.

The novel Psycho, written by Robert Bloch, featured a fat and short Norman Bates, which Hitchcock changed in order to add his personal touch.

Before Donald Pleasance landed the role of Dr. Loomis in Halloween, both Christerpher Lee & Peter Cushing had turned it down.

Since it was spring when Halloween was filmed, fake leaves had to be used.

Boris Karloff's real name is William Pratt

Both Vincent Price and Christopher Lee were born on the same day (May 27th)

Charles Lee Ray, the name of the serial killer in Chucky from "Child's Play" is actually a combination of Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald & James Earl Ray

Most people think Regan in "The Exorcist" was possessed by the Devil himself. It was actually an Assyrian God named Pazuzu that gripped her

Keifer Sutherland was supposed to only wear the black gloves while riding the motorcycle in "The Lost Boys" but, while horsing around with the bike off set, he broke his wrist and the gloves were used for hiding the cast throughout the film

It took Nicolas Cage 3 takes to eat the live cockroach in "Vampire's Kiss"

MacReady's female computer voice in "The Thing" is uncredited to Adrienne Barbeau, Carpenter's wife

Gary Oldman was drunk when the filme the scene when he licked the blood from the razor

The head baboon was held in the backseat of the car in "The Omen" in order to force the baboons to attack it.

The car keys that Julie Carmen swallows in
"The Mouth of Madness" were actually made out of pasta

"Shocker" had to be submitted 13 times in order for it to be lowered from an "X" to an "R" rating

The end of the film "Phantasm" indicates a copyright of 1977 even though the film wasn't released until 1979

The "Resident Evil" films never refer to the undead as zombies

There is no musical score in "Cloverfield" until after the final credits begin to roll


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