The iconic Friday the 13th slasher Jason was originally going to be called Josh

Those were real bees in Candyman's mouth and a plastic mouthpiece was used to keep the bees from going down his throat

It is the director himself, Wes Craven, who plays the janitor in Scream

"Head Cheese" was the original name for "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

The actors in Final Destination 3 rode the coaster 26 times in order to shoot the premonition scene.

"The Blair Witch Project" was filmed in 8 days

The very first time a flushing toilet was shown on screen was in "Psycho"

Samara's creepy "The Ring" walk is actually a reversed shot of her walking backwards?

In "Poltergeist" the pool skeletons are actually real

"E.T." was supposed to be a horror film

In the original Carrie film, Stephen King's name is spelled wrong.

Sissy Spacek demanded being buried at the end of Carrie so it would be her hand instead of a doubles that was filmed.

Joe Hill, Stephen King's son, is little Billy in Creepshow

The Saw series is listed in Guinness as the most successful horror series with over $733,000,000

With 310, Grindhouse boasts the highest body count

Chocolate syrup was used for blood in Night of the Living Dead

Hostel was shot in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Prague

In order to be realistic, the vampires in Interview with a Vampire hung upside down to make their actual veins more prominant so they could be traced by the make-up artists.

Linda Blair's delivery of the vulgar bathroom scene lines was so intense that it caused Max Von Sydow to temporarily forget his lines

The Macgruder zombie at the beginning of the All New Night of the Living Dead was simply a guy director Tom Savini saw at a diner and thought would make a good zombie.


A picture of Wee Willie Wicked, a sinful malicious clown
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