Hillbilly Horror Show

With a loss of most late night character hosted fearfests, Hillbilly Horror Show might just fill the open niche with it's combination of humor and horror shorts by up and coming filmmakers. Although none of the hosts take on a horror persona, instead choosing to be stereotypical backwoods hicks complete with country boy language and innuendos, HHS, to be blunt, is downright laugh out loud funny and a refreshing change from the rather boring hosts of yesteryear.

But, don't let this fool you, from the confines of their trailer and sitting on a mismatched blanket covered couch surrounded by empty beer cans, Kissin Cousin Lulu (Model Rachel Faulkner -Tathaastu, pRIZE, Sessions, Virginia Bride & Vogue Italia), Bo Keister (Remember the Titans, The Cabining, host of the Sportsman channel's Gallery of Guns TV), Cephus (Scott Geiter,The Voice of Horror on the Gruesome Hertzogg radio show) and director Sharif Salama take you on a fright filled screening journey of modern short films from names you've never heard of...yet!

This inaugural episode features four shorts:

Franky and the Ant, produced, written & directed by Billy Hayes, explores one way to deal with infidelity.

Doppleganger, a film by Theo Stefanski, is an animators visual dream and will awe while detailing an age old reuniting.

Amused, directed by Cuyle Carvin, is a foot race of terror through a winter farmland's isolation complete with maternal instincts and a sledgehammer.

And...the longest and arguably the the best of the lot, The Hive, directed by Tim Zwica, will expose you to honeybees that have no need for pollen.

Not for kiddies nor the faint of heart, Hillbilly Horror Show is a superbly crafted and well thought out fast paced one hour of fearful entertainment clashing together the gore of Tales From the Crypt and the thought provocation of Twilight Zone and is well worth the price, which coincidentally is less than a typical ebook. 


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