Undead Teds

For quite some time now, I have been trying to get my hands on an Undead Ted. These grotesque, yet wonderfully macabre teddy bears are not the cuddly “for children” type.

They are neither cheap nor easy to obtain, but, are certainly well worth both time and money.

Artist Phillip Blackman only makes 20 or so per batch before placing them for sale. Each are meticulously handmade one of a kinds, anatomically correctly detailed, come with certificate of authenticity and are specifically tagged. I learned very quickly that one must be extremely fast and pre-organized in order to be one of the lucky few owners.

Prior, when first learning of these, I made a beeline to the website, only to find that they were always sold out. Then I signed up for the newsletter and started following Mr. Blackman on Facebook. It was the social media mecca which indicated when the next sale would be and for fourteen hours I eagerly watched the website countdown. I was ready, or so I thought.

The clock struck zero and after a quick peruse of the selections, chose one. Much to my dismay, even before checking out, my selection had already been snatched up and was gone. This surprised me and I lost a few seconds lingering in awe, but regained composure and with the speed of gnashing zombie teeth, went back and selected another.

This time the order went through and I had purchased. Ecstatic, I went back to the display page. There were seventeen sold signs, including mine, leaving only three left. Mind you, this was a mere 15 minutes or so after the sale had begun and, while it was not my initial intentions, I selected another, not really expecting to get it.

Needless to say, I was fortunate and obtained a second and am now in the process of seeking the perfect acrylic case for which will display them both.

And then there were 3. Notice the center one took a zombie bite to his arm and rather than turning, took himself out.

Interested in owning your very own Undead Ted? Be aware, they are highly sought after and time is crucial. There will be no room for error and they willsell out within minutes. This said, creep over to the Undead Teds Website  and good luck. One final warning, as I have intentions of adding to my collection, expect one of your competitors to be me. Mwhahahahahahaha!



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