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Agenda 21 – A Book Review

Once known as America and now called The Republic, there is no president or congress, no courts or freedom, and the Authorities dictate every aspect. Citizens have only two duties: to create clean energy and to create human life. Everything else is not needed and those that can’t contribute are of no use and taken for disposal. It is a bleak existence; one where various colored scarves and markings dictate position, food and water are rationed, and wildlife and Earth reign supreme. 

Emmeline, an eighteen year old who shares an assigned, small and cold, concrete living space with her real mother—a saddened woman who harbors Republic hatred, but is powerless to change it—and her chronically tired father, a bus box puller whose job is no different than that of a horse¾dutifully walks her energy board daily and pairs for conception purposes as the Authorities deem fit. 
When the authorities come for her rebellious mother, something inside Emmeline begins to stir, creating many questions. When her newborn is immediately confiscated, she fully awakens and suddenly the harsh reality becomes unacceptable. 

Finding items hidden in her mother’s old bed mat and recalling her words, “to save what you think you’re going to lose,” she begins concocting a plan. However, not only is caution of the ever watchful Gatekeepers who strictly report to the Authorities a must, but citizens, reporting for rewards, need to also be considered. 

Becoming more daring, her life on the line, Emmeline will need to make hard choices and avoid suspicion if she wants to save her child; for family is everything and freedom is no longer simply a lost word. 

In the vein of Orwell’s “1984,” Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke have written of a terrifying totalitarian state that seems far too real. A thrilling page turner, “Agenda 21” invokes compassion yet holds tight to an ever menacing plight, where control is absolute and hope of freedom is quickly quashed.

Reviewed by Thomas Scopel, author of “Twitch” published by Suspense Publishing, an imprint of Suspense Magazine.



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