Bloody Carnival - Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts

Bloody Carnival, a 2010 Pill Hill Press offering edited by Jessy Marie Roberts is 34 tales of horrific fun surrounding everything from carnivals, county fairs and amusement parks to circuses and rodeos.

There are freaks and sideshow attractions, rides so old that one may be fearful and reconsider getting on, a ringmistress with a demonic side, ghosts and goulies, spook houses and my personal favorite…demented clowns.

Although the writers, with an exception of a choice few, are primarily unknown, at the conclusion of their tale a bio is offered, which yours truly began looking forward to reading even before getting halfway through the 286 pages.

Most of the writing is spot on and there are only a few stories that appear slightly amateurish. This is more likely due to inexperience and with such, is certain to improve.

There are also a few tales that are rather predictable, but were still fun to read nonetheless.

So, want fear that surrounds carnivals, fairs and festive celebrations? Anticipating riding the latest and greatest rickety ride? Want to know what’s behind the airbrushed painted freak curtain? Bloody Carnival is for you.


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