Adult ADD - A Welcome Curse

Author's Note:

I love a Drive-In, but they are a dying breed and since there isn't one nearby, I bought a projector and created my own. And you know what, this is even better...we have a grill, microwave popcorn, neighbors and comfortable Florida nights and there's never a worry about some goofball shining headlights on the screen. We even have the dancing hotdog 10 minute intermission. Great times.

First off, Adult ADD does have benefits.

Besides compelling me to do a bunch of everything all at once, the condition also has me reading three books at a time.

Why? Because I can.

When I sit down to read, although I may be deep into some book, I may not feel like going back to it just yet and choose to delve into one of the others in the bedside stack that my better half always complains about, many already started with bookmarks waiting.

Sure, I could finish books one at a time, but my mind craves variety and so I typically find myself holding some sort of monster tale in one hand, the latest horror best seller in the other and my favorite author clutched in between big toes all while glancing at the most recent horror magazine lying in front of me. Thankfully & fortunately, I am quite proficient at soaking it all in.

Yes, I know…there are pills for this, but why fix something that isn’t broken. I kind of like it this way and over the years have seemingly perfected and am able to keep everything organized in my head.

Every evening provides a few new pages or chapters, an article on Godzilla or Freddy or who knows what other type of monster, and just before falling asleep somewhere near the midnight witching hour, I have already explored what I will write after the alarm goes off at 5 a.m.

At 7:00 a.m. the writing ends and it's time to prepare for work. But, and I lied in the prior sentence, the writing hasn't oofficially stopped since I had an idea while in the shower and will need to hurry and jot it before rushing to get dressed.

At 8:00 a.m., the workday begins and could end anywhere between 5 & 10 or even 11 p.m. depending upon workload, then it's home, write a little more, maybe screen a film I'm reviewing and before long its off to bed to read some more.

Typically, this is my daily schedule, ask the wife (Ms. Ghastly) and she'll say something to the extent that I'm killing her (look for the article called I'm Killing My Wife for that tale), but she won't deny.

Days off see a slight change in schedule, especially if Drive-In Night was part of the prior evening’s curriculum and it is then that I find myself sleeping in all the way until 6 a.m..

Did you know that by using both hands at the same time, one is also using both sides of the brain and therefore, the action tends to regulate any chemical inequity? Typing falls into this category.

Some would call it a curse!


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